Simple game for teaching yourself a foreign language

Teach yourself French for beginners

Ever been given a list of foreign words to learn? How did that go?

Teach yourself French Spanish or Italian vocab with Discovery Learning

Teaching your self a language can be easier

I am guessing not well….our brains aren’t wired to learn words as pieces of data from a list. That’s just a fact. When you think about it when we learned our first language, our parents didn’t give us lists to learn by the next morning. No we learned in a natural way – picking up the words we wanted to know, when we wanted to know them. It’s called Discovery Learning…and when you learn words with Discovery Learning guess what? You learn much faster – most people learn words ten times faster (you read that right). Check out this blog.

A couple of  videos here: First one is a video of how KLOO uses Discovery Learning to help you teach yourself a foreign language. Second one is one of 16 games you can play with KLOO cards to learn with Discovery Learning…its a simple game called Squeeze Box. Teaching yourself French (in this instance) is so easy people often don’t realise how much they have learned until they play the game again…and then they are shocked at how many words have stuck. It’s a fun way to learn too.

How to learn French Words using Discovery Learning

How to teach yourself French playing KLOO’s Squeeze Box

How to teach yourself French with KLOO Games go to

KLOO is the award winning card game that helps you to teach yourself French as you play. In this video we show how to play Squeezebox – a solitaire card game for one person for building French vocabulary and learning words. KLOO provides fun and educational games for learning languages.With each deck of KLOO cards you can play lots of language games (see our other videos ). Ideal for studying French or Spanish or as MFL resources for use on courses and in lessons. You can easily build French sentences and phrases too. KLOO – the fun way to learn French.

For more information, please visit


00:20 A game for one person to teach yourself French
00:35 Aim of the game
00:38 How to start and deal cards
01:02 Translating French words
01:10 If you cannot translate – look for clues
01:22 Have a fun game

How to play Squeeze Box. This is a game to teach yourself French. It’s very simple, but requires skill and concentration.

You have to try and get all of the cards face-up into a single pile. Play starts with a deck of face-down cards. Cards are turned over to face up one at a time. Each card is placed to the right of the one played before. The aim is to get all the cards into one face-up pile. If the card is the same colour as any of the three cards to the left of it, it can be placed on top of that card, but only if you can translate both French words, like here with these blue cards.

But what about these red ones? If you can’t translate, keep playing and keep looking for clues. You can also just match off two cards while one card has the translation of the other.

That’s it. Have fun!

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Spice up learning French with KLOO’s Race to Paris Board Game

Learning French can be fun

So many people struggle with learning a language. One of the main hurdles is that people find it difficult and, let’s face it, the polar opposite to having fun.

But thousands of people have discovered  it can be easy – and fun.

What is this I hear? Learning French can be fun? Oui, c’est vrai!

This short video shows how the Race to Paris Game board game adds a few extra twists to the bestselling game. Soon you’ll be racing to Paris – learning words and making sentences as you go. Time to get started!

Game Board Rules for Race to Paris Board Game

KLOO Games

KLOO is the award winning card game that teaches you French or Spanish as you play. In this video we show how to use the Race to Paris game board for scoring KLOO games. KLOO provides fun and educational games for learning French.With each deck of KLOO cards you can play lots of language learning games (see our other videos Ideal for studying French or Spanish or as MFL resources for use on courses and in lessons. You can easily build French phrases and learn words. KLOO – language made fast, easy and fun.

Video time codes

00:17 How to use the KLOO board game to learn French
00:22 Use the game board to score KLOO games
00:26 Choose from French Spanish and English board games
00:34 Have a straight Race to Paris
00:39 Spice up with extra rules
00:40 How to play Hotel Square
01:01 If you land on question mark square
01:17 Decide how many laps to make around the board


How to use the Kloo Game Board. You can use the KLOO French Game Boards to score your KLOO games. You can choose from Race to Paris, Race to Madrid, and Race to London versions.

You can just have a straight race, first one to the capital wins, or spice things up with some extra rules. For example, if you land on a Hotel square, you can ask any player the meaning of a French word that you have the translation for in your hand. If they get it right, they stay where they are, but if they get it wrong, they have to move back to the nearest Hotel. Or, if you land on this square, the person to your left asks you the meaning of a French word they have the translation for. If you get it right, go forward two places. If you get it wrong, go backwards. You can decide how long a game will be by deciding how many laps to make around the board before you head into the capital.

That’s it. Have fun!
For more on KLOO’s Race to Paris learn French Game go to

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French Teacher demonstrates KLOO Games

How to play KLOO’s Race to Paris and learn French

Top French Teacher, Susie, uses KLOO games to help teach French. She explains how the game helps students to build sentences and learn new words as they play. This is a great explanation of how to play Race to Paris.


Learn French, Spanish and Italian Games at

Susie is a language teacher from Stevenage with over 1000 hours of teaching experience. She offers one-to-one tuition via Skype and face-to-face lessons and uses KLOO GAMES with her students to make sure her lessons are always fun.

To book a free 1 hour trial with Susie, visit To purchase KLOO games go to

Video Time Codes

00:09 French for beginners game, adults or children
00:19 Millions of combinations of French sentences
00:28 Deck themes
00:45 Using words as building blocks
00:54 How do we play
01:33 How to discover meanings and translate words
02:02 How to play untranslated words
02:28 How to use the game board and score
02:55 So simple. So fun KLOO games


Hi, Everyone,

I’m Susie and I’m a language teacher, and today I’m here to show you the great game from KLOO Games, Race to Paris. It’s designed for French beginners, whether it’s adults or children. It’s great fun to play and so easy. You’ll be learning to make sentences in French within seconds, I guarantee it.

There’s millions of different combinations of French sentences, so you’ll never get bored, and inside the box, you have a wonderful game board and four decks of cards to choose from everyday objects, places, people, and food and drink, which is my personal favourite. So we’re going to take a look at that in just a moment.

Race to Paris is particularly great because it helps you to use those French words as building blocks to make sentences. It’s much more effective than traditional methods of vocabulary lists or rote learning, and it’s so much more fun, as well. So let’s take a look at that deck and at the game board itself.

So how do we play? Really simple. Each hand, every player receives seven cards. We start by playing a red card, the one with the big star on it, and we simply build a sentence by following the color-coded arrows. So blue arrow, we play a blue card; green or yellow arrow, we can play a green or yellow card, etc. On this side, we add our purple card, which is our expression card, which just enhances our sentence a little bit. “Bien sûr, j’achète le café parfait et le gâteau savoureux.” We get one point for each card we play, and an additional point for each card that we can translate.

We do find, on every card in the deck, another explanation of a different card. So, “je goûte” – “I taste”, on the bottom of this one. So say, for example, we’re not sure of the meaning of “j’achète”, it will appear somewhere on another card. Luckily for us, it’s appeared in our hand, so “j’achète” equals “I buy”. So we know, therefore, this is “I buy”, and we can score an additional point.

If there’s a card that we’re not sure of that’s not translated on our own cards, for example, “bien sûr”, we can leave it to one side and whoever finds that definition later in the game can claim an extra point. So, for example, if someone receives this card, and they find “bien sûr” on the bottom, they’ll know it means “of course”, and they’ll then be able to score an additional one point.

So, we can score up to 14 points for each hand, 7 for the cards we play and 7 for the cards we translate. On the game board of Race to Paris, we very simply move one square for each point that we receive, so we can move up to 14 squares each turn. Along the way, we find Hotel squares and blue squares. These are great for adding an element of competition. On these squares, you get to ask other players questions about translating words, so it’s a bit of a knowledge test for them.

And that’s it. So simple, so fun. Enjoy Race to Paris from KLOO Games.


KLOO is the award winning card game that teaches you Spanish, French or Italian as you play. In this video we show how to play Race to Paris – a board game for two to four people (adults or children) for learning to Speak French. With each deck of KLOO cards you can play up to 16 language games (see our other videos). Ideal for studying Spanish, French or Italian as MFL resources for use in school, or with the family or kids at home. You can easily build French phrases and learn French words with this game. KLOO – the fun way to learn how to speak French.

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Language Teachers talk about the language resources they use

Language Teachers’ talk of their choice language resource

Some say there are three steps to heaven. I don’t know about that…I certainly haven’t found them. There are however three steps to successful language classes.

Step 1: Enthusiastic, committed language teachers. If you are reading this you most certainly are. Pat on the back.

Step 2: Enthusiastic, committed students. If the children are not enthusiastic, fear not – the next step will help.

Step 3: Great language resources that children love to engage with and learn from.

In this video teachers from Trafalgar Primary School in London talk about KLOO and how a) the children love playing and b) how they are learning (Spanish in this case) without even knowing. Thousands of schools are now using KLOO language resources. Its growth is mainly on the back of terrific reviews by teachers and parents about the impact KLOO has had on children’s language learning.

Trafalgar School explain why they use KLOO as a language resource

For Spanish, Italian and French Games and Language Resources by KLOO

Trafalgar Junior School learn to speak Spanish by playing KLOO. The children show how easy it is to play and make foreign sentences. Language Teachers explain how KLOO accelerates learning while making language fun. KLOO is a multi-award winning Language Resource that has games for teaching French, Spanish, Italian and English. Find out more t

To browse games visit

00:16 KLOO is an award-winning language game
00:22 Players learn to make foreign sentences in seconds
00:26 Building vocabulary
00:28 Good for 7 – 14 year olds at school
01:09 Young girl explains how easy it is to make a Spanish sentence with KLOO cards
01:40 Language Teacher: why games are so important for language learning
02:23 Deputy Head Teacher: Why element of fun and motivation is key
02:35 Deputy Head Teacher recommends other teachers play KLOO


KLOO language resources and games for schools

Man: KLOO is a multi-award winning game that makes learning a language easy and fun. Using special colour coded cards, players can learn how to make foreign sentences in seconds and build vocabulary as they play. KLOO is great at school for seven to 14 year olds, and players can start as absolute beginners.

Girl: And does that sentence, it’s got purple and blue arrows…

Man: Yes, yes.

Girl: All right, so you can put blue after it. So I can choose one of these, so I choose that one.

Man: Okay.

Boy: Seven plus four, we would go 11 spaces.

Boy: That’s an extra point because that means ice cream.

Boy: I know that.

Boy: Okay, so that’s four points: one, two, three, four.

Man: So how do you make a sentence with three cards?

Girl: So you always have to start with a red.

Man: Okay.

Girl: And then you just follow the arrows to try and make a sentence as long as you can.

Man: So you played a blue card. Why did you play the blue card?

Girl: Because the blue arrow. Because it’s an arrow that’s blue, so it says put a blue card next.

Man: Okay.

Woman: Games are so important for the simple fact that children don’t think they’re learning as well. They don’t see it as hard work, though there is that. They’re just enjoying it and having fun, which when for me as a teacher, when they’re going home go, “Oh we did nothing today. We just played games.” Actually that’s a great thing, because they’re learning as they go along. But the fact that they’re not realizing it, and they’re enjoying doing it as they go along. Quite competitive as well, and so they like that element of it, and they like just getting involved and being able to make long sentences and start translating words. They love it when they play it again when they go, “Oh, I remember this word from yesterday.”

Man: That element of fun and motivation is key, particularly to children of this age really. They almost are learning incidentally. They don’t realize they’re learning. They’re playing the game, enjoying playing the game, and in a way for them, the by-product is they’re learning. I think probably the first thing I do is get other teachers to play KLOO themselves, because there are a number of non-specialist people who haven’t got Spanish themselves and I think if they would learn how easy it is to begin to learn through playing the game.

About KLOO

KLOO provides fun language resources and games for schools. In the UK KLOO games are ideal for key stage 2 and key stage 3 French and Spanish. KLOO language Games are available in French, Spanish and Italian.

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A language game for self-learners

Language Games you can play alone

One question we get asked a lot is: Can you play games on your own with KLOO cards? The answer is, Yes.

Make French SentencesBelow we show one such game called “Under Starters Orders”. It uses KLOO’s special coloured cards but the rules of the game bear a close resemblance to patience games you can play solo with traditional cards. The main difference of this game is that you will learn French, Spanish or Italian as you play. Not only that but in no time at all you will be making foreign sentences (effortlessly – see picture) and learning foreign words as you play. As your vocabulary builds you can tweak the game to make it tougher.

This is just one of 16 different card games you can play with a single deck of KLOO cards. There are also quick-fire quiz style games like “Penalty Shoot-Out”, more patience games like “Squeeze Box” and big board games like Classic KLOO. You can find videos for them all at Have fun!

French Language Game for Adults: Under Starters Orders


KLOO Learn French Games for adults

TRANSCRIPT for Learn French Game for Adults

How to play Under Starters Orders. This is a game for one person and great for building French vocabulary.

Firstly, deal out all the cards to create eight columns of seven cards. The aim of this game is to move all the cards away from the playing area by creating sentences of at least two cards long, but you must be able to translate all the French words in your sentence, and you can only take from the row nearest to you. Here is a sentence of three French words, but if you don’t know the meaning of a French word, look for the clues. Once you know what it means, you put them to the side face-up so you can refer to the translation. You can now take the next card in the column. If you move all your cards, you win. If you want to make things more difficult, you lay the cards out with alternate rows facing down.

That’s it. Have fun!


KLOO is the award winning card game that teaches you French as you play. In this video we show how to play Under Starters Orders – a patience type card game for one person (adult) for learning to Speak French. With each deck of KLOO cards you can play up to 16 language games (see our other videos). Ideal for studying French, Spanish or Italian as MFL resources for use in school, or with the family or kids at home. You can easily build French phrases and learn French words with this game for one person. KLOO – the fun way to learn how to speak French.

To browse KLOO Games in store visit


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MFL teachers’ favourite game for learning foreign words

Those last 10 minutes of class can be a great time to play KLOO’s Penalty Shoot-Out

French Spanish and Italian games for kids

Turning language into a game

Sometimes Language teachers want to pack some fun into the last ten minutes of class…but they don’t want to waste it. A lot of teachers use KLOO cards to play “Penalty Shoot-Out” (one of 16 language games you can play with KLOO cards). It turns a French or Spanish vocab quiz into a football contest…it creates lots of enthusiasm, it’s very quick and loved by the students.

It’s a very quick video too….check it out.

Spanish, Italian or French Word Games for Kids: KLOO’s Penalty Shoot Out

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Can learning grammar ever be simple? Actually Yes…Surprised?

Does Grammar suck the fun out of learning a language?

Easy French Spanish and Italian grammar

Grammar – the toughest part of learning a second language?

Isn’t it strange how kids often start learning a second language with gusto. They come home singing songs in Spanish or French, counting numbers and asking how you are in cute accents. But then something happens. The fun stops, the language becomes difficult and all this usually starts with the introduction of grammar.

It is as if the sunny world of language learning is clouded by the introduction of strange new concepts: pronouns, conjunctions, tenses, gerund, gender agreement, adjectives – and that’s just for starters. For a little person these are very difficult concepts to grapple with and a lot of people never get to grips with them…..ever!

How to effortlessly make grammatically correct sentences in French, Spanish or Italian

Wouldn’t it be better if we could, make grammatically correct sentences effortlessly – using a more intuitive, learner friendly system? And wouldn’t it be better if the fun didn’t stop? Perhaps we could make sentence making and learning words a game…then maybe grammar wouldn’t feel like work at all – just playing and having fun.

Well that’s what thousands of schools in the UK and the USA have found with KLOO. Check out how easy it is to make grammatically correct sentences…then check out what teachers and parents say about it…not only is enthusiasm up – but the learning is faster and more instinctive. Indeed when teachers later introduce grammar concepts – it’s much easier to explain with the KLOO MFL resources shown  below.

Worth finding out more? Go ahead. Check out the video. We show here how to make French sentences using KLOO cards. But the concepts apply equally well to Italian and Spanish cards.

For KLOO French Games visit

Video content

00:18 How to make Grammatically Correct French Sentences with KLOO Games
00:27 Start by playing a red card
00:28 Follow the coloured arrows to know what cards to play next
00:38 How to use double arrow cards on KLOO cards
00:51 How to score KLOO cards
00:59 What if you don’t have all the cards to make a sentence
01:15 With just 2 rules you can make millions of grammatically correct French sentences


How to make a French sentence with KLOO. Making a sentence is really easy. Start by playing a red card, and then just look for the colored arrows. For a blue arrow, play a blue card. For a purple arrow, play a purple card.

Here’s a double arrow card. You have to be able to play the next card in order to play it. Just keep playing as far as you can. In most games of Kloo, you score a point per card. So, in this case, seven points. And what happens if you don’t have all the cards? Let’s see. Start with a red card. You can play a blue card, and a yellow card. But with no green or purple cards, that’s as far as we can go. Three points for this turn.

With these simple rules you can now make tens of thousands of French sentences, all in under a minute.

About KLOO

KLOO is the award winning card game that teaches you how to make thousands of French sentences and phrases in just seconds. In KLOO games, the longer your French sentence or Phrase – the more points you score! KLOO Language Games are an ideal way to learn French. Ideal as part of French lessons or just for fun at home. KLOO – the fun way to learn how to speak French.

For more information, please visit


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