Bilingual people twice as likely to recover from a stroke

A second language appears to protect the brain against devastating damage to mental functions

If you were ever wondering about the benefits of learning a second language – I heard this on the radio this morning and have now have found an accompanying article in the Daily Telegraph. It says:

Although the ability to converse in a second language may seem irrelevant to physical health, it appears to protect the brain against devastating damage to mental functions.

Just wow!

It went on to say:

Researchers say these studies suggest the mental challenge of speaking more than one language can boost cognitive reserve – an improved ability of the brain to cope with damaging influences such as stroke or dementia.

You can see the full in article here

Health benefits of a second language

Health benefits of a second language

Sometimes with language learning we have to stay motivated – to make sure we do a little bit everyday. It is amazing research like this which can help…what other subject can bring so much pleasure and satisfaction – and deliver mental health benefits?

Get learning!

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The difference a language can make


Delicious food at Caraffini’s – but book first!

I went for a lunch with a friend in a lovely Italian restaurant called Caraffini’s, just by Sloane Square in London. Terrific Italian food – served by genuinely Italian staff. At the end of the meal I asked for the bill in Italian…what a reaction! Suddenly the waiter smiled, the owner of the restaurant came over to ask how I knew Italian. I explained I am learning and and that my wife is Italian…we chatted for a while. Suddenly I wasn’t a customer – I was a friend …it was lovely.

It is amazing what a few words in someone else’s first language will do.  It’s just one of the many blessings a second language brings into your life.

PS We do Italian Decks of KLOO – the second deck focuses on Eating and Drinking!

Buon Appetito

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Infusing Fun into Learning a Language: The Benefits of Playing Games


Turning language into a game

So you’ve decided to learn a second (or third!) language, and you’re thinking about how to improve your skills. Like anyone learning a foreign language, you want to get better as quickly as possible. Does this mean you’ll have to cancel your weekend plans with your friends because you’ll be paging through textbooks all night until the library closes? Does this mean you’re doomed to lonely nights locked in your room studying lists of vocabulary?

Nope. Not only does this not have to be your life, but it actually shouldn’t be. Yes, language learning involves some gritty work, but you’ll learn faster — and better — if you make it fun. Luckily for you, there are plenty of language-learning games out there that will help you jumpstart your language skills, all while having a great time.

Why are games so great for picking up a new language? Read on to find out!


Learn French Game for adults

Adults learn by playing KLOO

They’re active

When you’re studying alone from a textbook, distractions abound. Sometimes, after reading about the subjunctive mood for the twelfth time, your mind wanders, and suddenly you find yourself browsing Instagram. But when you’re competing against the clock in a Spanish verbs race, there’s no room for distractions. You’re actively involved in the moment, and all of your attention is focused on the game (and, therefore, the language).

Games are an active and involved activity; they don’t allow you to tune out. As a result, you put your brain into high gear, and you can devote all your faculties to improving your foreign language skills.

They’re motivating

French GameWhen you’re playing a game, you want to succeed — you want to win! But in order to do this, you must get better at playing the game. And with language-oriented games like Kloo’s French language card packs, getting better at the game means getting better at your language of study. This gives you two great reasons to be motivated: first, to win the game; and second, to improve your foreign language abilities.

They’re low-pressure

One of the biggest fears of the everyday language learner is embarrassment. Indeed, it’s hard to muster up the courage and use the foreign language in public (or with native speakers), as you don’t want to look silly by messing up the pronunciation of a word or botching a conjugation. Unfortunately, making mistakes is a reality of learning a new language.

But if you make a mistake while playing a game? No big deal! After all, it’s only a game. Thus, games create an ideal low-pressure environment where you can practice your skills with real people, minus the fear of being embarrassed or ridiculed.

Learning to Speak Spanish without embarrassment

Even if you mess up, remember — it’s only a game! Image via Wikipedia

They’re social

Language is an inherently social activity: we use it to communicate with each other. It makes sense, then, that we learn language best when we’re using it for its intended purpose: communication! Indeed, as anyone who has lived in a foreign language-speaking country can confirm, just a couple weeks interacting with native speakers will teach you more than months studying vocabulary.

Games are ideal in that they allow you to be social with your foreign language without travelling to a different country. When playing foreign-language games, you’ll be interacting with others in your language of study, effectively creating a mini-immersion environment in the comfort of your own home.

They’re fun

Perhaps most important of all: games are fun! As obvious as it sounds, the best way to learn anything is to actually enjoy yourself while doing so. Playing language games will make you want to learn the language, even on those days when you feel frustrated or tired (even the most seasoned language learners have their days). When you’re having fun with your language of study, you’ll learn a great deal without even realizing it.


Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief — let your friends know that your weekend plans are back on. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and boring activity — au contraire! It should be engaging, social, and fun. And language learning games make this not only possible, but also easy. So start playing, and watch your foreign language skills take off.

Readers: What are your favorite foreign-language games? Let us know in a comment below!

Paul writes on behalf of Listen & Learn, a language tutoring service that offers French courses in Manchester, as well as other language classes all over the world. You can check out their free foreign-language level tests and other language-learning resources on their website. Visit their Facebook page or contact if you have any questions or if you’d like more information.

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The building blocks of language a learning

There are good ways and bad ways of learning a second language.

Bad ways?

Learning words from lists and learning phrase by rote. If you learn in this way you’ll strait jacket your learning.

Good ways?

French GameWhat you really need is to use words as building blocks i.e. get practice at making lots of different sentences with those words and then speak out loud. In this way your ability to express yourself grows exponentially. KLOO uses this approach.
And because we use this approach you can learn how to make millions of sentences (yes millions) with one deck of cards.

blackboard 3See how EASY this easy with KLOO cards.

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Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street…and learning a second language

Summer Holidays are coming! Tune into the language

Play KLOO and learn a language on holidayPeople find learning a language difficult…and some say that the best way to learn a language is through total immersion. I don’t think many people would argue with that except it’s difficult to arrange and somewhat costly – most of us cannot just up sticks and go to Italy for 2 months (I wish)!

But many of us are going on hols – for a week or two abroad. This is when we can immerse ourselves in the language. We are surrounded by foreign signs, menus, and people! So lets make the most of it. Consider it a free lesson.

Make friends with a second language

Make friends with a second language

Do try speaking the language when asking for food and directions etc

Do try to read the foreign menus and signage.

Do spend a little time learning the language

Do try and learn say 10 words a day and plan to use use them.

And here’s a language game you can pack and play on your travels. You’ll learn hundreds of words be able to make thousands of sentences – and all without studying.

Double deck packs. Play 16 games and learn French.

Double deck packs. Easy to pack and learn French.


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Can you teach a foreign language, when you can’t speak it yourself?

Learn French Game for adults

Lessons in KLOO for kids and adults


How so?

Because it happens with KLOO every day. Teachers use KLOO in their classes even if they themselves don’t speak the language. As it’s an auto-answering game (a game that answers the questions it poses), players learn without needing the teacher’s intervention. In no time at all players will be able to:

  • Build their vocabulary through Discovery Learning
  • Make foreign sentences in under one minute
  • Start playing – even if they are absolute beginners
  • Have a lots of fun
  • Speak the language out loud

FrenchPlayacard1-2More and more schools are using KLOO to spice up their lessons and accelerate learning. Teachers are often amazed at how absorbed students become in games such as Race to Paris and Race to Madrid…they forget they’re learning a language at all.

This is what one MFL teacher recently said:

This game is without a doubt the best Language learning game I’ve ever used as a Teacher of Languages – we’ve got a whole cupboard full of more expensive alternatives that fail to deliver what this game does in bundles; fun and learning at the same time. All the learners (including my own kids, aged 8 and 11), that I’ve played it with it have loved it. Angela. Top 500 Vine Reviewer for Amazon

Games start from £12.99 / $17.99. A School Mini Pack will have a class of 30 children playing happily, leaving the teacher free to walk around the class.

If you’re a teacher and looking for language support…KLOO can help! See how easy it is yourself:

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Relax! The stress free way to learn a second language

Many people find learning a second language stressful. But it’s best to relax!

Relax. Learning a language doesn't have to be stressful.

Relax. Learning a language doesn’t have to be stressful.

Ever noticed how kids don’t get stressed about trying to speak a second language? Expats will tell how their kids get stuck right in – trying to communicate with other kids – not giving a hoot about the nuances of the language. And they learn fast

Adults however worry about the grammar, their accent, vocabulary and making a fool of themselves. Getting the language wrong is embarrassing (in their own minds). So they set about trying to learn the language as if it’s a machine. They learn all the words from lists and learn phrases by rote. They know how to say “Where is the bathroom, please”…but try and say something off the cuff like “On the contrary, I would prefer to eat the lemon cake” – Never! Much, much too difficult. They need to collect all the words, then marshal them in the right order, then make them agree in gender, then worry about the pronunciation etc etc. So mechanical and so difficult. Better just take the cake that is offered – I can say “Yes thank you.” (Shame that lemon cake looked delicious!)

And so they stay in their comfort zones and their language learning stops at stock set phrases. What a shame.

However if they could perhaps forget about the language for a minute and just play with it. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Forget about the grammar – and just learn words as you go along – well that might work. It does work.

Learn French Game for adults

Adults learn by playing KLOO

KLOO takes all the pressure of learning a language and puts it into a game. You just play and you’ll learn naturally as you play. Within seconds you’ll be making your own sentences – and learn how to make thousands of them. Your vocabulary will effortlessly swell and yes the sentence above will be as easy as, well, eating cake!

KLOO is a big hit with adults and children….because its fun….and because it takes away all the stress of learning a language.

See how easy it is to make a sentence below. Take a look at the range of games. Have fun!


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