Holidays!! The best Opportunity to Learn a Language!

Play KLOO and learn a language on holiday

Holidays!! Play and Learn a Language


There’s lots of talk about how immersing yourself in another language is the best way to learn a language. The reason is simple – when everyone is speaking a foreign language and all the messages and signs are foreign too…then your mind works overtime to understand what is happening around you.

But total immersion breaks are not possible for most people. We have busy lives and commitments and jobs! But holidays can be the next best thing if you are travelling abroad. You will be surrounded by foreign people, foreign signs, menus and media. You can use this foreign environment to plunge yourself into a foreign culture and take every opportunity you can to pick up the language.


But of course you don’t want it to turn into hard work  It is a holiday after all! So here’s a way of getting the best of both worlds.

Double deck packs. Play 16 games and learn French.

Double deck packs. Play 16 games and learn French.


KLOO has become a very popular as a travel game. Our handy-sized French double deck pack is the # 1 Best Selling Language Game on Amazon in the UK. And you know it’s fun because it  won the 2011 ToyTalk Best Board or Card Game of the Year and the Dr Toy Best Vacation Game in the USA. It’s just a great game for all the family.

So here’s a plan.

Pack your KLOO and play on your travels , in your hotel or on the beach. In no time you will be having fun, making sentences and learning words (watch this video below to see how). You’ll be amazed at how fast you pick up the language – and when you are on holiday – it reinforces the language you pick from your environment.


We have decks dealing with Food & DrinkPeoplePlacesClothes and Everyday Objects. And guess how many sentences you can make with each pack? 2.9 million sentences!! That’s because KLOO uses words as flexible building blocks to express yourself in a myriad of different ways – as opposed to than learning stock phrases from a phrasebook.  Buy 4 decks (two double deck packs) for £20 and pack 10 million sentences in your bag.


By treating language as a game, KLOO keeps your holiday fun! You can play with others or solitaire games on your own.  We have games in FrenchSpanish and Italian.

Pack a few decks and make the most of your language opportunity!

Bon Voyage!

PS To see how easy it is to play, watch this short animated video here



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Young girl shows learning a language is Child’s Play

How to speak a language – Children say it best

I had the privilege to visit Trafalgar Junior School in Richmond England recently to watch children learning Spanish with KLOO.  It was a really humbling to see such enthusiasm for the game – of both the young students and their wonderful teachers.  You can watch how the school uses KLOO here.

I enjoyed going round the tables and asking what they were learning. One girl set about explaining the game to me….as children often do – she made it so simple.

So this is how you make sentences with KLOO from a child’s perspective. And by following her rules you are ready to make 2.9 million sentences with one deck of KLOO cards.

KLOO is a multi-award winning game that makes learning Spanish, French or Italian fast, easy and fun. Following the video above you are already ready to make millions of sentences and start scoring points!

Check out our games at

Learn Spanish Italian and French with KLOO MFL games



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Switching suddenly to another language never fails to impress

James Bond or Jason Bourne – Multi-linguals are common in Hollywood

How many times have we seen films in which the hero switches seamlessly and unexpectedly into a second language. James Bourne or James Bond. It’s a common Hollywood trick – along with playing chess – for suggesting high intelligence. I have recently been watching House of Cards and in Series 1, a billionaire suddenly starts talking Chinese on the phone. There were no subtitles but he seemed to be negotiating. Even though it was a TV stunt – I was impressed. It looked so cool and intelligent.

You speak Russian Mr Bond

You speak Russian Mr Bond


But don’t be fooled into thinking a second language is super human or beyond your reach. Second languages are actually common place are definitely within your reach. They can be attained with application and the right resources….

KLOO has some great language games in French Spanish and Italian to help get you started. You’ll learn hundreds of words and learn how to make sentences in seconds. Too good to be true? Nope…take a look at the animated videos below to see how easy it is. Even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Be like an action hero, learn a second language and have fun!

Then grab some great deals at our website.


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Multi-lingual Premiership Football Managers Trounce Mono-linguals

Mono v Multi-lingual Premiership football managers – who comes out on top?

liverpoolIn today’s top flight football, teams are typically made up of players from many different countries. For that reason it is assumed that football managers that can communicate with their squads in more than one language have an advantage. The extent of that advantage, however, has never been measured.

Andrew Finan, owner of KLOO, a language games company, loves football and languages and he decided to dig deeper and see if there was any correlation between multilingualism and team performance.  The outcome was startling.

KLOO compared the performance of UK Premiership teams with multi-lingual managers (with a command of at least 2 languages), with teams managed by monolinguals. KLOO only looked at teams where the manager had stewardship for at least 30 premiership games so that he had the chance to impact their success in terms of league points.

The outcomes are quite astonishing in the way they predict team performance.

Football teams managed by multi-linguals managers

(No of languages of manager in brackets)

Arsenal (3),

Chelsea (5),

Liverpool (4)

Man City (2)

Everton (2)

Southampton (2)

All of the above teams are in the top half of the table with some vying for the title and others vying for European Places.

Football Teams managed by monolinguals

Aston Villa (1),

Manchester United (1),

Newcastle United (1),

Norwich City (1),

West Ham United (1),

Hull City (1)

All except two teams (Newcastle and Manchester United) are in the lower half of the table. Newcastle and Manchester United are commonly accepted to be under performing. No teams from the mono-lingual group are threatening to win the title or win a place in Europe.

Managing is the ability to motivate, gel a team together and communicate ideas. The research suggests that language ability is a key component to on the field success. When the board of directors of a football club are looking to recruit a new manager (Norwich are looking for a new manager after sacking monolingual Chris Hughton today), they may want to check his cv for evidence of language capability.

What do you think? Put your comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Turning language into a game…Learn a language through playing

Learn French with KLOO Race to Paris Board GamePerhaps those English mono-lingual managers think it is too hard to learn a language. It doesn’t have to be. Multi-award winning KLOO has turned language into a game to make learning fast, easy and fun. As you play – you learn.  You will learn to make grammatically correct sentences in seconds (watch this short how to play video to see how. And you can effortlessly learn hundreds of words as you play too.

How good is that? Our customers say its great – amazing even! Take a look at our Reviews on Amazon.

Then why not buy a game – have some fun – and start learning a language. You can even get voucher codes from the KLOO website which are valid today

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Languages and football – how languages impact team success

World class football managers learn languages

Those of us who love languages bang on about how languages can benefit many parts of your life. Your career, holidays, mental agility and even your health can all improve by learning languages. Listening to a match on BBC Radio ‘Five Live’ the other day, the commentators were talking about the impact of languages on the performance of football teams – or more specifically on the ability of the manager to successfully manage the football team.


Mourinho speaks 5 languages

The commentators began by musing about how the new manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Tim Sherwood, was being held back by his inability to talk to many of his foreign players. Spurs have had an influx of foreign players last Summer, many of whom don’t have a good command of English. The manager is a monolingual – so what happens?…Not much evidently. Spurs have been woeful under his stewardship….sliding down the league table.

What about the world’s best football managers?

Many would say the two best managers in the world are Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. Between them they have more silverware than a silver mine. And they are both multi-lingual.

Pep Guardiola speaks: Catalan, Spanish, English, German and Italian.

Jose Mourinho speaks: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Italian

When Mourinho moved to Italy to manage Inter Milan, he studied Italian 5 hours a day for a month so that he could communicate to the press and his players. Guardiola has just taken up the job at Bayern Munich…he was not known for talking German – but in his first press conference – he was fluent.

The world’s best managers believe that talking to players in their own language is a key part of being successful. Interestingly a previous manager of Bayern,  Louis van Gaal,  shut himself away in a monastery for a month of intense language lessons before he joined them.

English managers like Tim Sherwood could do with taking note.

The manager of my team, Liverpool FC, is Brendan Rogers. He speaks English, Portguese and Spanish. Apparently he is learning Italian. And where are Liverpool at the moment…top of the league!

Football Club Board Directors take note: if you want a top manager – perhaps you look at how many languages they speak. Maybe Sherwood should never have got a look in with Spurs.

If you yourself want to learn French, Spanish or Italian – then why not play KLOO. Our games are multi-award winning and make learning a language fast. easy and fun. They also make it a game!

Learn a French Spanish and Italian with KLOO


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If you could learn a language like this – Just imagine

Imagine you found languages tough

Imagine you found languages really tough. Imagine you found learning vocabulary, gender, agreement, grammar and all things language totally bewildering. Imagine you don’t think you can do it. You switch off and decide to drop it as a subject. Many children feel this way.

Then Imagine This…

Now imagine that your teacher brings in a new game that makes language fun. Imagine the game shows you, in seconds, how to easily make thousands of foreign sentences. Imagine too that each time you played, you effortlessly picked up 15-25 important words. Imagine the whole class loves it and you even have a thriving class competition.

This is  what MFL teachers say happens when they bring KLOO into the classroom.

I teach French as a foreign language at one of the Alliance Francaise and from home. I have class of primary school children, leaving certificate students and adults. I played the board game with them and they loved it. It’s absolutely brilliant! It’s fantastic! As a teacher, this game is the best language game ever!” Anne-Sophie, Alliance Francaise

“I discovered KLOO last year but really started to thoroughly use the game this Autumn Term and the word has spread! Pupils (of all abilities) want to play this game. I have been using it across the ability range and EVERYONE enjoyed it and my head of department congratulated me on making French so much fun. ” Anouk B, French Teacher, Worth School, W Sussex

 “I teach Spanish to students, ages 8-13, and the kids love this game! The color-coded cards correspond to parts of speech (easy grammar reinforcement! yay!) and allow all types of learners and skill levels to play. Beginners can form sentences without any knowledge of the language at all. Even my reluctant learners are motivated to figure out what the cards mean” Diana, Spanish Teacher, USA

“I like to end my lessons with something fun and a bit different than the rest of the lesson. I’ll often say to my students, “What would you like to do? Reading, a song, noughts and crosses, hangman, Kloo?” and 9 times out of 10, the answer is KLOO!! Not only do students love it but the progress they make when working from one deck to the next is brilliant. “Lindsay D, MFL Teacher, Northants

See great Spanish, Italian and French games for kids at KLOO Games

Learn a language with KLOO

Ready. Set. GO!

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Language Teacher Update: Better Learning, More Fun and Special Offers

What’s the most potent tool for a Language Teacher?

What simple step can a language teacher take to make a big difference in student performance? What motivates children to try harder and increases their focus? What accelerates learning and teaches important grammar principles, without it ever feeling like hard work?

On top of all of that, what could help students to:

And what would make language lessons a lot of fun and make children alert with enthusiasm?

Teachers tell us that KLOO does. Many teachers have written about their experiences with KLOO. and their glowing reports can be seen on Amazon UK andAmazon US.  You can judge for yourself.

Here is the very latest one regarding Race to Paris from a French speaking teacher at Alliance Francaise:

“I am a French native speaker and i teach French as a foreign language at one of the Alliance Francaise and from home. I have class of primary school children, leaving certificate students and adults. I played the board game with them and they loved it.
It’s absolutely brilliant! The younger kids don’t realise they are actually practising their French as they think they are playing, the leaving cert students revise their vocabulary, tenses and how to make a sentence and the adults are not shy to talk as the phonetics is helping them to pronounce correctly, so they feel confident when they are talking. I love the way you have so many different ways to play the game.

It’s fantastic! As a teacher, this game is the best language game ever!” Anne-Sophie

Teachers are using KLOO in so many different ways with terrific results. And when you buy KLOO you don’t just get a game, you get a full support system to help lessons including:

  • How to play videos
  • Free lesson plans
  • Free extra card print-offs of verbs in different tenses
  • Free handy guides rules to 16 different games you can play

Special Offers

We have special School Editions (which give school exceptional value and we even have Voucher Codes you can redeem

Amazing how often this is forgotten.

What’s the best way to learn a language?

From a book? No

From a CD? No

An App? No

Computer? No

Phrase book? No, NO

Foreign TV? Absolutely not

Classroom whiteboards? Still no.

What then?

Find Out Here for the overlooked answer

Learning in the spotlight – Discovery Learning

Learn Italian Games with KLOO cards

With KLOO, the words you want to learn are revealed throughout the game. It means you discover meanings went you want to learn them. This is Discovery Learning, the way we learned our first language and the most powerful way to build vocabulary. It is so easy it feels effortless.

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